Omaha Airport Authority’s Eppley Airfield (OMA) has awarded Clear Channel Airports (CCA), an airport media provider and a brand division of Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO), a new three-year extension of its existing airport advertising contract.

This extension continues the contract that was awarded in 2009.

During the initial contract period, CCA invested nearly half a million dollars for the deployment of first-to-market digital media to OMA.

Following this investment and a go-to-market sales strategy, CCA almost doubled the annual revenue of the previous concessionaire during the contract term.

Clear Channel Airports president Morten Gotterup said: “We’ve been Eppley Airfield’s advertising provider for over ten years and we’re proud to call them our strategic partners for another three years.

“With its impressive passenger growth, OMA remains a top choice in the Midwest for brands to reach their audiences via our state-of-the-art media network. We’re excited to work with OMA to develop new offerings for advertisers to reach business travellers and local residents in this vibrant city.”

This extension marks CCA’s second major contract announced this year, after Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

It secured 15 contracts last year and 80 contracts over the last five years.

CCA will install the media upgrades in OMA by September.

Situated four miles from downtown Omaha, OMA is a medium-hub airport that served more than five million passengers last year.

OMA provides advertisers with the opportunity to connect and engage with a diverse group of travellers, including leisure, business and local residents.

Omaha Airport Authority director for finance and administration Stanley Kathol said: “Clear Channel Airports has demonstrated strong commitment to our partnership over the years and, as a result, Omaha Airport Authority and Clear Channel Airports have had a very good and mutually beneficial working relationship.

“We’re excited to work with OMA to develop new offerings for advertisers.”

“The new contract and related investment on the part of Clear Channel Airports will bring more enhancements to continue to align with our mission of providing premier customer service and airport facilities through operational excellence.”

At the Eppley Airfield, eight airlines offer around 88 departures per day to 34 nonstop destinations.

The airport has embarked on a terminal modernisation and expansion project, which will allow it to consolidate the TSA checkpoint, consolidate arrivals, move more food, beverage and news and gift concessions beyond the checkpoint and add additional gates.