VINCI Airports’ subsidiary Cambodia Airports has selected Spanish IT solutions provider Amadeus’ Cloud platform Amadeus Flow to meet the needs of travellers.

Amadeus Flow is an integrated modular airport cloud platform that helps manage passenger services, both inside and outside airport terminals.

The solution will enable Cambodia Airports to quickly deploy new passenger handling capacity through the internet, noted the vendor.

It will allow Cambodia Airports, which operates the Kingdom’s three international airports, to harness the cloud and offer passenger services from any location of its choice.

The new approach will enable the airport group to temporarily reallocate their resources that are currently not in use such as redistributing airline services between terminals.

Phnom Penh Int’l Airport general manager Hervé Bonin said: “Passengers expect a smooth experience and moving to the cloud with Amadeus means we can deliver that now and into the future.

“Sharing our long-term vision, Amadeus is the right partner to take care of this complexity behind the scenes so we can easily deploy new innovations that place our customers, passengers and airlines at the very heart of our airport model.

“Combining this leading technology with recent key investments in facilities upgrades, our platforms are well prepared to welcome the next growth stage.”

Amadeus stated that the cloud platform’s open architecture allows easy installation of innovations including biometrics, contactless and self-service technologies.

These services help to meet passenger demands for safe and hygienic travel.

Last month, Finnish airport operator Finavia partnered with Amadeus to modernise the passenger handling process at 11 airports in Finland.

Finavia will install Amadeus Flow to support contactless payments, after which airports will be able to connect with Amadeus through a single Internet link.