Birmingham Airport (BHX) in the UK has upgraded its airport management and aeronautical billing system with Veovo’s Intelligent Airport Platform.

The implementation of the Veovo platform is expected to help the airport operator and its aviation partners take proactive decisions.

Veovo said that its web-based flight management and airport operational database (AODB) had been designed to integrate data from different airports, as well as air traffic and airline systems.

This offers staff real-time information, facilitating quicker aircraft turnaround.

The platform offers role-specific views, alerts and recommendations to the airport operator and its partners, which is said to enhance flight operations and travellers’ experience significantly.

Veovo CEO James Williamson said: “Birmingham Airport is a long-standing partner of Veovo and a leader in investing in continuous improvement to respond faster to daily challenges.

“We’re delighted to expand on our partnership with the deployment of our next-generation platform, which will help deliver even greater efficiencies through smarter and easier stakeholder collaboration in real-time.”

Birmingham Airport also incorporated the new Veovo Revenue Management module, which is an aeronautical charge management and billing engine.

Featuring end-to-end billing cycle automation and innovative exception-handling capabilities, the new module is claimed to lower the cost and time to invoice its airline customers.

Birmingham Airport IT Services head Joanne Hodson said: “Our partnership with Veovo has, to date, brought us significant operational advantages.

“With the upgrade to our airport management and revenue system, our decision-making processes are better informed, more accurate and more efficient. This allows us to respond faster to the needs of passengers and assign our people and assets more efficiently.”