Vinci is a French headquartered corporation focused on concessions, energy and construction and that is recognized for Business Expansion, Environmental, Investments and Product Launches in the 2022 Airport Technology Excellence Awards.

The company has won a number of significant contracts during the research period, including concessions, modernization contracts and has participated in decarbonization projects.

In partnership with British airline EasyJet, VINCI has opened new routes connecting airports in France and Britain and contributed to the economic development of the region. 

In terms of the company’s modernization efforts, especially notable are the comprehensive modernization programme conducted by VINCI at Belgrade Airport and the customized airfield pavement management solution that the company has deployed in a number of its airports, including Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic), Belgrade (Serbia), Porto and Faro (Portugal).

The company has also won significant airport operation concessions in countries such as Brazil and Portugal. The French multinational has also made commitments to the maintenance and modernization of terminals and runways in the airports it operates, as well as investment into eco-efficient infrastructure.  

The company has also shown commitment to environmental matters through projects such as the launch of a solar plant at Portugal’s Faro Airport and its use of hydrogen in airport operations.

Company Profile

VINCI is an integrated construction and concessions company. Vinci carries out the design, construction and management of infrastructure and facilities globally.

The company’s portfolio of services includes infrastructure development, civil and hydraulic engineering, upstream design and coordination, consultancy, and maintenance and technical support services for transport infrastructure and public facilities.

The company’s infrastructure projects include transport systems, public and private buildings, energy, airport and urban development, and water, energy, and communication network projects.

Vinci also executes transport infrastructure concession operations in the motorway, rail, airport, bridge and tunnel, stadium, and parking facility sectors.

It has operations across Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Vinci is headquartered in Paris, Ile-de-France, France.