“SMi Group’s 9th annual Mobile Deployable Communications conference will be taking place in the new location of Warsaw, Poland and will have the support of the Polish Armed Forces who will be in attendance at the event as well as providing a host nation address and keynote address.

Mobile Deployable Communications 2016 will provide further updates on national military capabilities and requirements from around Europe, including the eastern European nations. Critical topics will be addressed such as ensuring more robust networks, the potential for interoperability in deployable communications, the need to strengthen cyber defence in tactical communications as well as technological solutions to consistent end-user problems.

There will be host nation addresses from:

• Brigadier General Jozef Nasiadka, Head of the Command and Control Directorate (J6), General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces
• Colonel Gregorsz Szmit, Chief of IT Branch, Command and Control Directorate (J6), General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces

Keynote addresses from:

• Brigadier General Sandro Sampaoli, Deputy Commander, NATO CIS Group
• Colonel Jimmy L. Hall Jr, Commander, 5th Signal Command, United States Army Europe

Military speakers also include:

• Colonel Juergen Schick, Concepts & Development Division, CIS Command Bundeswehr
• Colonel Michel Pardoux, Head of Telecommunications Technical Branch, DGA France
• Colonel Jan van de Pol, Head of KIXS, Joint IT Command, Netherlands Ministry of Defence
• Colonel Susanne Bach Bager, Commander (DNK) Signal Regiment, Danish Defence Command
• Colonel Tibor Gaspor, Chief of Signal Branch & Deputy Chief of CIS & Information Security Directorate, Defence Staff of The Hungarian Defence Forces
• Colonel Horst Treiblmaier, Chief of Communication, Ministry of Defence Austria
• Colonel Heinrich Krispler, Head of Policies and Requirements Branch, CIS Directorate, EU Military Staff

For further details: www.mobiledeployable.com”