SITAONAIR Selects ALTYS for Monitoring of its Global Data Link Network

SITAONAIR has recently selected ALTYS Technologies’ COSMOS system for the advanced monitoring of all VDL Mode 2 and ATN communications exchanged via its global network.

COSMOS will give SITAONAIR enhanced insight into the performance levels of its infrastructure worldwide, as well as the use of VDL2 frequencies across various geographical service areas. It will also provide in-depth tracking capabilities for controller-pilot data link communications (CPDLC) issues, such as provider aborts and abnormal delays.

Through COSMOS, SITAONAIR will be able to share key data with its air navigation service provider (ANSP) partners – allowing them to comply with CPDLC performance monitoring obligations as stipulated in the European DLS Implementing Rule.

The deployment of this independent solution further improves SITAONAIR’s control over VDL2 channels to ensure their customers are provided the best CPDLC performance levels, improving the overall reliability of the data link system.

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