Finsecpro releases a new free-to-download white paper on the Airport Technology website about a new online service that gives the aviation industry and passengers simple answers to questions regarding baggage regulations.

The service is compliant with EC 300/2008, EC185/2010, ICAO-TI and IATA-DGR and can help security screeners, check-in staff, airport and airline employees, call centre workers and passengers find out what is permitted on board a flight.

Finsecpro together with the ‘What to Bring on a Flight’ service has many advantages, including:

  • Cost saving on airport security
  • Greener environment
  • Less waiting time for security checkpoints
  • More spending time on airport
  • Less frustrated and angry passengers
  • Less complaints to deal with
  • Lower waist management cost

To download the free white paper please visit the Finsecpro company profile on the Airport Technology website.