As each year, FB technology will be attending the world-leading airport trade show in Munich, Germany.

The French leader in airfield maintenance systems will be exhibiting with its mother company ALPHA-CIM from 8 to 11 October.

In this instance, MARC One will be revealed to the public. The robotic platform brings a true revolution in airfield maintenance, providing operators with new benefits.

MARC One automatically measures AGL photometry and checks for compliance. It also does all the lights cleaning work (runway, taxiway or apron) and checks if the torque to secure the bolts of the inset light fixtures is correctly applied.

The robot possesses bi-directional sensors strip allowing to reduce the AGL maintenance by 50% and optimising runway availability. MARC One will also reduce maintenance costs and provide improved precision and reliability. The robot allows maintenance teams to keep all the repetitive and time-consuming tasks for MARC One and concentrate the efforts on more added value actions.

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ALPHA-CIM is a French expert in design and custom integration of high-tech automated and computerised systems in the airport industry with 30 years of experience gained with its clients, the main worldwide airports.