On 2 February 2016, TCR International USA and Aeroservicios USA established a joint venture company called TCR Americas that will act on behalf of both parent companies to develop the ground service equipment (GSE) full service rental market in North, South and Central America (the Americas). TCR International USA and Aeroservicios USA will each own 50% of TCR Americas.

TCR International USA through its Belgium-based parent company, TCR International, has substantial experience in leasing GSE and providing repair and maintenance services to European airlines and airport ground handling companies on a full service rental basis. TCR International has established a strategic initiative to expand its offerings in the Americas to many of the ground handling companies its services in Europe.

Aeroservicios USA, based in Miami, FL, and owned by Gabriel Serrano, is an established worldwide provider of high quality new and refurbished GSE. Aeroservicios operates from an 110,000 square foot maintenance facility with an additional 150,000 square feet of outside storage space and employs well-trained, skilled mechanics dedicated to the repair and renovation of equipment.

Aeroservicios has extensive relationships with domestic, international, regional, commercial, cargo, and charter airlines, including major ground handling companies and fixed base operators (FBOs). Aeroservicios holds a large inventory of equipment and supplies it through direct sales, lease plans, and short term rentals. Both companies enjoy a solid reputation for providing quality GSE and related maintenance services.

TCR International’s GSE leasing expertise and Aeroservicios’ GSE repair and renovation expertise and its large repair and maintenance facility in Miami provide the necessary expertise to rent and maintain GSE on a full service basis in the Americas.

TCR International USA and Aeroservicios USA will procure the motorised GSE that will be leased to TCR Americas who will in turn rent the GSE to customers. TCR Americas will procure the non-motorised GSE and will perform the repair and maintenance services on both the motorised and non-motorised GSE rented to its customers.

The operational leasing concept in GSE sector in the US is not yet as popular and widely accepted as it is in the Europe because there are very few companies that offer similar rental solutions as TCR Americas in the US at the moment and no companies in the US that offer ‘one-stop’ shop fleet management solutions like TCR, therefore no real direct competition for TCR Americas