Rostek is celebrating its ISO 9001 certification as a company, as well as having its welding work carried out to EN1090 standards, all in 2017.

If you like to know more about the work put into the certifications, our production director Kimmo Paananen has started writing blog posts where he shares his thoughts about better quality.

One year ago, we published our own predictions for the top five architecture trends for 2017. In our opinion, these predictions started to happen, but the timeline was just too short. Wait until 2020 to see much more of our predictions come true.

We would not be in business with only nice certifications on the wall. It is about the projects and buildings we complete. Therefore, we will start sharing our references around the world, such as the Oasia downtown project, merging building and nature. There are some spectacular buildings as well as those that are designed to serve a purpose.