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Susanne Hauner is the publisher of Verdict's digital magazines.

Susanne Hauner

The Cyber Threat: AIR Issue 70 is out now

In this edition: how airport operators and airlines can protect themselves from cyber threats, the latest in automated baggage handling, how sniffer dogs can help with virus detection, and much more

Airport Industry Review: Issue 29

In this issue: Privatising US air traffic control, the end of PA announcements in airports, profiling Istanbul New Airport ahead of its unveiling later this year, how airports are welcoming passengers with special needs, and more.

Airport Industry Review: Issue 18

In this issue: The future of US ATC services, Nepal’s new airport, Oslo’s jet biofuel hub, rising airport charges in Europe, the role of airports in anti-smuggling efforts, the UK’s VAT controversy and more.

Airport Industry Review: Issue 17

In this issue: Europe’s strategy for growth, tackling the ATC shortage in the US, automated border control in Canada, the trend of green airport spaces, aviation and climate change and more.

Airport Industry Review: Issue 1

The new digital magazine for the airport industry launches with a special focus on trends in airport design.