Whenever an aircraft lands, it contributes to rubber build-up on runways. This has serious implications for the safety of travellers. HOG Technologies prides itself on providing best-in-class equipment to restore runway surfaces and more.

When a plane lands, the rubber from the tires embeds itself into the runway pavement. Over time, these deposits build up, creating a smooth surface which lacks the friction needed for aircraft tires to grip for a safe landing. As the world recovers from COVID-19, the oncoming surge in air traffic will only expedite this process. The removal of rubber build-up is crucial to restore the friction to the runway’s surface so planes can touchdown safely.

Traditionally, airports have used harsh and abrasive chemicals to clean their runways. Removing rubber deposits using these chemicals requires a lot of personnel and equipment. The chemicals pose a health risk to workers performing the job, and the chemical runoff is not environmentally ideal, either.

The Stripe HOG water blasting system uses only clean, potable water and zero chemicals to remove rubber deposits, making it non-hazardous to a worker’s health and the environment. The water can reach deep down into the pavement’s macrotexture and microtexture to clean it efficiently with the least amount of negative impact to the surface.

Airports across America trust the Stripe HOG for all their rubber removal and paint rejuvenation needs. Pittsburgh International Airport purchased the first SH8000 in the United States in 2006. Fast-forward 15 years and now 93% of North American airports that own a water blaster own a Stripe HOG. In fact, Stripe HOGs are owned in 56 countries around the world and have operated or performed a job in over 80 countries.

Using 40,000 psi (2,750 bar) of pressure, a Stripe HOG can do more than just remove rubber deposits from runways – it can also remove or rejuvenate airfield markings, clean and prepare surfaces and even retexture surfaces.

The Stripe HOG is available in a variety of different sizes and chassis options. HOG offers PTO engine-driven or auxiliary engine-driven systems. Some of these Stripe HOGs can be mounted to a chassis, skid or trailer for added versatility. No matter what the model, the Stripe HOG operates at 40,000 psi with varying flow rates from 5.2 GPM (19 LPM) up to 24.0 GPM (91 LPM).

To ensure the best results for any job, HOG Technologies has created the robust training program HOG Tech University. HOG is the only water blasting manufacturer with a training program that requires an operator to have a license, in order to optimize the performance and maintenance of the equipment and ensure that the best results are achieved on every job.

HOG Technologies has a professional and highly knowledgeable sales team to assist you. Whether you need information on a machine to meet the specs required by laws and regulations, a price quote for a machine to fit your budget or an explanation of the benefits of HOG machines versus the competition, the HOG Technologies team is available and ready to ensure that you have what you need to make the right decision.

With offices in the United States, Europe, and Dubai, HOG Technologies is committed to quality, innovation, support, growth and success. The company offers customer and technical support 24/7/365 in any language within 10 minutes, and 98% of spare part orders are shipped on the same day they are received, resulting in minimal downtime. The team of engineers has over 100 years of combined real-world experience to create the world’s best solutions in every product manufactured. HOG stands with each customer to minimize spare parts cost, maximize productivity and optimize results. Anything. Anytime. Anywhere.