Zadar International Airport is located in the Zemunik Donji municipality near Zadar in Croatia. Image courtesy of Zadar Airport.
Zadar International Airport has two passenger terminals. Image courtesy of Zadar Airport.
The air traffic control tower at Zadar International Airport. Image courtesy of Zadar Airport.
Passengers will be handled by the general and business terminal during the main terminal building reconstruction. Image courtesy of Zadar Airport.
Zadar International Airport handled about 371,256 passengers in 2012. Image courtesy of Zadar Airport.
The general and business terminal at Zadar International Airport is a two-floor building. Image courtesy of Zadar Airport.
The airport has two self propelled baggage conveyer belts. Image courtesy of Zadar Airport.

Zadar International Airport

Zadar International Airport is one of the major airports in the Republic of Croatia. It is located in Zemunik Donji municipality, 8km away from the city of Zadar. The airport was opened in 1968. It is operated by Zadar Airport.

"The airport handled about 371,256 passengers in 2012."

The airport handled about 371,256 passengers and recorded over 3,968 aircraft movements in 2012. It also handled about 10,516t of cargo during the same year.

A Ryanair airline base was opened at the airport in April 2013. The base enhances passenger traffic at the airport by 60%. The airline provides service to 16 European destinations including Germany, Ireland, the UK, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The base was built at a cost of €1.4m ($1.8m).

Zadar International Airport’s main terminal reconstruction

The reconstruction of the main terminal building at Zadar International Airport was initiated in December 2010. The project includes expansion of the international departures lounge and the construction of a new domestic arrivals area. The total floor space of the terminal will be increased to 7,000m². The investment on the reconstruction will be about 11 million Kuna ($1.88m).

The project also includes reconstruction of the air traffic control tower, runways and other facilities at the airport. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2013.

The general and business terminal will handle the passengers during the main terminal reconstruction.

Terminal features

The airport has one main terminal building and a general and business aviation terminal. The facilities at the main terminal include international and domestic arrivals, five gates, nine check-in counters, and two self propelled conveyer belts.

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The main terminal also features a duty-free shop, gift shop, security check points, bank, ATM, cafe and restaurants.

The general and business terminal is located at the right side of the main terminal building. It is a two-floor building. The ground floor features a passenger handling area with a cafe bar and places for refreshment and relaxing. The first floor features apartments to provide passengers and the crew with a break before reaching their final destination.

The airport terminals have a capacity to handle about 300,000 passengers in a year. Passengers can access wireless internet from any part of the airport.

The airport also has one cargo terminal.

ATC tower

The airport has an air traffic control (ATC) tower with an altitude of about 2,896m. It also features an approach control station.

In October 2012, Si ATM was awarded a contract to supply and install an ATM radar emergency system at the airport.


The airport has two runways. The first runway (14/32) is 2,500m in length and paved with concrete. The second runway (04/22) is 2,000m long and paved with asphalt.

Cargo and maintenance facilities

The airport has a cargo storage capacity of 3,500t. It has a 700m² warehouse, which provides refrigerated and deep freeze storage for fresh meat and livestock.

The airport features a 9,100l water capacity heavy fire-fighting vehicle and a 250kg fire extinguisher. It also features category V fire fighting and rescue equipment.

Ground transportation and parking

Public transportation buses to and from the airport are provided by Liburnija. Public transport buses are available from the front gate of the international arrival terminal.

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The airport also has taxis and rent-a-car services available. The rent-a-car agencies operating at the airport include National, Avia, Lulic, Fleet, Hertz, Sixt, Europcar, Uni, Alamo, and Petak.

Parking facilities at Zadar International Airport include four short-and two long-term parking lots with a total of 577 parking spaces including 425 car parking spaces, eight spaces for buses, 97 rent-a-car spaces, 23 taxi spaces, and 24 handicap spots.