Zurich Airport (ZRH) in Switzerland has opened two new Covid-19 testing facilities due to the prevailing travel regulations and increasing test requirements.

The first testing centre is situated at Terminal 1 while the other facility is an airside test lounge.

The new testing facility in Terminal 1 is operated by Wotchout.

It is currently offering rapid antigen tests for asymptomatic passengers and runs from 5am to 8pm every week.

The testing charge is $86 and tested passengers receive the result within 15 minutes as a printout, an e-mail, and a

The airport has advised passengers to register for testing in advance to ensure speed of services.

The tests are conducted by taking a nasal swab and there are plans to include PCR testing soon.

In addition to card and cash payments, passengers are given the option of making online payments in advance.

The airport has been operating the Checkport/Ender Diagnostics test centre in Terminal 2, as well as the Terminal 1 testing facility.

The Checkport/Ender Diagnostics test centre offers both rapid antigen tests and PCR saliva tests.

The airport is offering rapid antigen tests in the Marhaba Lounge on the third floor of the Airside Centre, which is being used as a test location temporarily. It is managed by ground handler dnata in cooperation with test partner Viselio.

The lounge focuses on providing rapid antigen testing to passengers on a full short-haul flight within an hour.

The cost of testing is $108 and the result becomes available within 15 minutes.

This test lounge operates every day from 7:30am to 6pm.