The Government of Canada has agreed to offer nearly $10.1m (C$12.7m) to Winnipeg Richardson International Airport to help the airport recover from the Covid-19 impact.

This funding will also enable the airport to continue its air services and will support crucial transportation infrastructure projects.

Canada Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra said: “Canada’s airports are major contributors to our economy and play a crucial role in sustaining the social and economic well-being of our communities.

“This financial support will ensure that, as Canada works towards recovery and travel restart post-pandemic, Winnipeg Richardson International Airport will be able to provide regional accessibility and safe, reliable and efficient air services for residents and workers in Winnipeg and its surrounding communities.”

As part of this initiative, the Canadian Government will provide $5.5m (C$7m) in funding from Transport Canada’s Airport Critical Infrastructure Program.

The capital will be used to carry out important infrastructure works such as the rehabilitation of the taxiway, other airfield paved surfaces and access roads.

The aim is to offer continued safety for passengers, aircrews and airport employees.

Additionally, the government will offer funding of $4.5m (C$5.7m) from Transport Canada’s Airport Relief Fund.

This will be used to help the airport maintain its operations, as well as for essential air services for residents and workers in Winnipeg and surrounding communities.

The Airport Critical Infrastructure Program and the Airport Relief Fund were first introduced in the 2020 Fall Economic Statement as part of a federal stimulus recovery plan aimed at building a resilient economy post-pandemic.

Winnipeg Airports Authority president and CEO Barry Rempel said: “Today’s announcement is good news for this region.

“Our collective social and economic recovery depends on connectivity and this commitment from the federal government accelerates our recovery by investing in the critical infrastructure needed at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport.”