Vision-Box has deployed six biometric eGates at Winnipeg International Airport in Manitoba, Canada.

This comes after Winnipeg Airports Authority (WAA), the airport operator, contracted Vision-Box to deploy six latest-generation automated border control (ABC) GT-11 eGates with biometric facial clearance.

The deployment will help the airport to check facial biometrics of arriving passengers enrolled in the NEXUS programme.

NEXUS is designed to facilitate border crossings for pre-approved and enrolled Canadian, American and Mexican citizens. In Canada, the programme is operated by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Vision-Box’s Orchestra Digital Identity Management Platform will handle the clearance process at Winnipeg Airport.

Once passengers scan their NEXUS member card at the gate, the system captures a photograph to run an identification check against the biometric facial information stored in the traveller’s NEXUS membership profile.

The deployment is expected to expedite border clearance for NEXUS-enrolled passengers. The contactless authentication process is also expected to provide the travellers with added convenience amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

WAA president and CEO Barry Rempel said: “Finding better ways to serve the needs of travellers is paramount for Winnipeg Airports Authority.

“Adding Vision Box eGates for NEXUS users at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport not only enhances the customer experience but sets the foundation for future innovation and brings us one step closer to seamless, touchless passenger travel.”

According to Vision-Box, this is the first time ABC Biometric eGates will be used for border clearance of NEXUS enrolled travellers. Previously, regular NEXUS kiosks processed such NEXUS travellers.