Swiss technology company Travizory Border Security has completed the deployment of a biometric corridor for passenger screening at Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) in East Africa.

The introduction of this biometric corridor is expected to provide contactless and safe travel for all air arrivals.

With this launch, Seychelles is said to have become the second nation globally after the UAE and the first in Africa to install such walk-through biometrics at its borders.

By using facial recognition, the ‘biocorridor’ recognises individual passengers, checks their temperature, and classifies them for further procedures.

The technology is completely integrated with the Seychelles Islands Travel Authorisation system.

It checks whether the passenger has provided the needed health-related documents and has been permitted to travel by Seychelles Authorities or not.

The capability incorporates cameras and AI-driven biometric engines for crosschecking the passengers with Seychelles’ database of authorised travellers.

This new biocorridor can screen an average of 30 passengers per minute for health risks.

In addition, the thermal camera can record a passenger’s body temperature.

On the basis of pre-departure risk assessment, the technology informs the health officer regarding the categorisation of each passenger.

After classification, the passengers may be directed to immigration, sent for quarantine or a medical examination.

Travizory CEO Renaud Irminger said: “We are excited to install our state-of-the-art biocorridor in Seychelles to aid and improve Covid-screening on arrival. This groundbreaking technology will completely overhaul existing Health processes, delivering a paperless and contactless experience for all travellers entering the country.

“Our biocorridor will guarantee greater security, more efficiency and a better experience for visitors to these beautiful islands. We look forward to rolling out more of our industry-leading technology for Seychelles and playing our role in securing these islands against health risks and illegal activities.”

In 2017, national airline Air Seychelles deployed SITA’s advanced common-use passenger processing systems at Seychelles International Airport.