Swedish airport operator Swedavia has unveiled a new charging infrastructure for electric aircraft at Visby Airport (VBY).

Following the inauguration of the new electric aircraft charging stations, the airport has welcomed the landing of its first electric aircraft.

The new infrastructure includes three charging stations at two different locations at the airport.

Two charging stations are located on the airport’s main apron while the other station is present at the Gotland Flying Club in the airport’s southern portion.

With this development, Visby Airport is set to charge electric aeroplanes currently available in the market.

Swedavia Visby Airport airport director Gunnar Jonasson said: “Electric aircraft will play an important role in the aviation industry’s shift to fossil-free air travel. For that reason, it feels really positive for us that now, in addition to the airport and aircraft manufacturers, there is also an airline, Braathens Regional Aviation (BRA), which sees the potential and wants to start flying commercial electric aircraft between Gotland and Stockholm once this is possible.”

Swedavia, along with Region Gotland and GEAB, has offered funding for the new infrastructure.

Additional funding for the installation was provided by Climate Leap (Klimatklivet), the Swedish Environmental Agency’s programme for local and regional investment support to minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

Visby Airport will now conduct a seminar that will discuss prospects for electric aviation at the airport.

The seminar will be held in partnership between Swedavia, business association Tillväxt Gotland, the Municipality of Gotland and regional tourism industry association Gotlands Besöksnäring.

Some of the entities attending the seminar are Nordic Network for Electric Aviation (NEA), Heart Aerospace, the airline BRA and the developers of the electric aircraft.

In a statement, Swedavia said: “A number of other electric aviation and research projects related to sustainable air travel and preparing airports for the technical solutions of tomorrow are underway at Swedavia’s airports.”

Last year, a test facility for electric aviation and autonomous aerial vehicles was established at Åre Östersund Airport (OSD).

In July, Swedavia took part in a study that aimed to promote fossil-free aviation in northern Sweden.