Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow, Russia, restarted domestic and international flights at Terminal D from 1 August.

The airport closed the arrivals and departures area of the terminal on 1 April following the outbreak of the Covid-19 health crisis.

The terminal was opened after the restrictions on passenger traffic were gradually lifted and the airport began to register an increase in flight numbers.

Aeroflot flight 2130 to Istanbul was the first international departure from Terminal D, which was scheduled to depart at 07:50am local time. The first arrival was Aeroflot flight 2131 from Istanbul.

The first domestic departure was Nordwind 4541 on the Sheremetyevo-Omsk route while the first domestic arrival was Rossiya 5800 from Sochi.

Terminal D features different services and facilities such as multilevel parking, public transport stops, and vending machines that sell PPE.

The terminal also has cafes and restaurants, Heinemann Duty Free shops, and an express diagnostic service for Covid-19 tests, which provides results within an hour.

Last month, Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), and Sheremetyevo Airport launched the express-testing service for coronavirus (Covid-19).

The test is being carried out using EMG systems for departing and arriving passengers.

Developed in collaboration with RDIF, the EMG diagnostic system is said to be one of the quickest and most accurate in the world. It is adapted for fixed and unique mobile mini-laboratories.

Sheremetyevo Airport has adopted different measures to safeguard the health of customers, guests and employees.

In May, Sheremetyevo International Airport made preparations to ensure that the airport can reopen with the necessary safety measures.