Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), and Sheremetyevo International Airport are launching an express-testing service for coronavirus (Covid-19).

The test will be carried out using EMG systems for departing and arriving passengers.

This is a pilot project for the Russian transport industry. The test service provides the results within an hour.

This measure is being implemented ahead of the commencement of regular international passenger air services and adheres to passenger requests.

Testing for domestic passengers has been made available at Terminal B health centre from 20 July.

It will be available for domestic and international flights at Terminal D from 27 July.

Developed in collaboration with RDIF, the EMG diagnostic system is said to be one of the quickest and most accurate in the world. It is adapted for fixed and unique mobile mini-laboratories.

The system is now available for use and can serve transport facilities such as airports and train stations.

RDIF CEO Kirill Dmitriev said: “Sheremetyevo International Airport has become the first airport in the world where it is possible to take the fastest and most accurate PCR test for coronavirus infection, which is produced by our portfolio Russian-Japanese company EMG. Test results are available within an hour.

“The launch of a passenger testing service is the first step towards creating coronavirus-free airports. Such air hubs will allow for air communication between countries to be restored and for tourism to resume with passengers protected from the virus. We hope that the successful experience of Sheremetyevo will be an example for other major airports around the world.”

In May, Sheremetyevo International Airport made preparations to ensure that the airport can reopen with necessary safety measures.