Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow, Russia, has made preparations to ensure that the airport can reopen with necessary safety measures.

The Minister of Transportation of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Dietrich carried out an inspection of the airport last week to determine if the site is ready to resume operations.

Airport operator SVO JSC chairman Alexander Ponomarenko and director general M M Vasilenko also accompanied Dietrich for the inspection.

Sheremetyevo Airport has stated that it retained production resources to ensure that it can promptly resume its full-scale operational activities.

The airport is prepared to restart and can accommodate 80 take-off and landing operations hourly, which is expected to be enough for the predicted passenger traffic.

Sheremetyevo has also implemented different precautionary measures to safeguard the health of the customers, guests and employees.

The airport has installed isolation wards at terminals, has made masks, gloves and antiseptics available to buy, and has given staff personal protective equipment.

The airport has added bright floor markings at check-in lines, pre-flight inspection zones, passport control zones and baggage claim areas, indicating a distance of 1.5m to ensure social distancing between passengers.

There are 23 thermal imaging cameras that will identify the suspected Covid-19 passengers. In addition, all staff will undergo mandatory body temperature measurement in ten specialised health centres.

The temperature of passengers and employees will be measured using stationary, portable thermo-vision cameras.

The airport said: “Sheremetyevo Airport will continue to implement all necessary measures to combat the spread of coronavirus infection and protect the health of passengers and staff in strict compliance with the orders of the Russian Government and authorised government agencies.”