Sheremetyevo International Airport (SIA) in Russia’s capital Moscow has come up with a modern geographic information system for overseeing the conditions of airfield pavement.

The airport said that the Interactive Pavement Damage Control System will help it plan longer-term maintenance and execute restoration work on time.

According to the airport, the system was developed after testing various engineering solutions.

The geographic information system utilises the Synchron central airport database.

It functions as a single data source, providing the actual operational condition of artificial pavement for all airfield elements.

The system offers comprehensive information on airfield flaws and repairs made, including visualisation of certain airfield elements, with a module to generate reports.

In addition, Sheremetyevo Airport engineers can keep a check on the conditions of the artificial pavement and respond to any anomalies on time through the system.

This is enabled by a feature, which visually showcases the defect on the general airport map.

Besides, the system keeps a record of all important data in connection with the specific airfield pavement’s defects.

These include the type and nature of the defect, its precise location and dimensions, extent of risk, and the date and time it was detected.

In a statement, SIA said: “The system is an effective tool for technical and financial management as well as safety because it assists airport management in long-term financial planning, estimating resources needed for repair of artificial pavements and controlling terms of repair under warranty.”

Last December, the airport commissioned its newly renovated Runway-1, with an expectation to increase the airport’s capacity to serve about 110 million passengers annually.

In 2020, Sheremetyevo Airport managed nearly 20 million passengers.