Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) in the Netherlands is set to continue the restriction on daily passenger numbers through September and October.

The decision was made following discussions with airline companies.

For September, AMS set a cap of 67,500 local departures per day.

This will be slightly increased to 69,500 per day in October, which includes autumn holidays. AMS expects a surplus of nearly 3500 daily travellers during the two weeks of autumn holidays. 

However, this cap is lesser than this month’s limit of 72,500 passengers, which the airport attributed to the ‘seasonal effect’ of travellers wearing more clothes that results in a longer time for check-in. 

By limiting capacity, it intends to ensure the safety of passengers and employees amid the prevalent disruption caused by workforce shortage and rebound in air travel demand.

The airport also intends to optimise the terminal’s flow by deploying ‘security coaches’.

Plans are on to hire around 200 security guards this month and a further 80 beginning in October.

In a statement, AMS said: “Based on the capacity made available by Schiphol, the independent slot coordinator (ACNL) will consult with all airlines to ensure that the number of passengers is appropriate in relation to the security capacity.

“Sticking to a maximum number of departing passengers also helps cope with operational changes, such as a delayed flight arrival or departure.

“Virtually all parties at the airport are understaffed, and any unexpected changes can result in delays to the entire airport process at Schiphol. This has been the subject of extensive consultation with airlines in the recent period.”

Meanwhile, from 2023, the Dutch Government decided to limit the airport’s capacity to 440,000 flights annually to lower pollution.

In June 2022, there were 5.2 million passengers who flew from, through or to AMS.