Dutch airport management company Royal Schiphol Group has reported a net loss of $186m (€158m) in the first half of 2021 (HY 2021) as the pandemic continues to impact global travel.

The company’s net loss was $290m (€246m) in HY 2020 while in the same period in 2019, it posted a profit of $156.8m (€133m).

However, it reported a moderate air traffic recovery in the first six months of 2021.

The company’s interim results showed that the Covid-19 pandemic and related travel restrictions hit the airports operated by the Royal Schiphol Group.

During HY 2021, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol reported a 57.1% slump in passenger numbers to 5.6 million from 13.1 million a year earlier and 34.5 million in HY 2019.

The air traffic movements at Schiphol decreased 25.8% to 86,037 in HY 2021 versus 115,952 in HY 2020 and 242,107 in HY 2019.

On the bright side, cargo volumes at the airport increased 27.7% to 838,000t during the first six months of this year, compared to 656,000t in the year-ago period.

The number of passengers and air traffic movements at Royal Schiphol’s Eindhoven Airport plunged to 288,109 (- 74.4%) and 3,745 (- 55.1%), respectively.

In HY 2021, Rotterdam The Hague Airport also witnessed a 79.8% decrease in passenger traffic to 55,484, with 690 air transport movements (-72.6%).

The group noted that it has scaled down its operations and implemented cost saving measures, including services and contracts, lowering overall operating expenses by 20%.

Royal Schiphol Group CEO Dick Benschop said: “So far in 2021 we have seen recovery, but not as much as we expected. With higher vaccination rates and gradual lifting of travel restrictions we are moderately positive for the second half year.

“Meanwhile we keep investing in the quality of our service and the quality of the living environment in order to build back better.”