Lagan Aviation & Infrastructure and H&J Martin joint venture (JV) has secured a contract for the Runway Extension and Establishment of Runway End Safety Area (RESA) at Jamaica’s Sangster International Airport (SIA).

The value of the contract stands at $34m, with the entire runway expansion project cost estimated at $70m.

SIA, which is operated by MBJ Airports (MBJ), is extending its runway under the Airport Capital Improvement Plan.

The extension will result in the establishment of RESAs at each runway end.

This, in turn, will fulfil the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) requirements and increase the safety of the runway.

Essential enabling works for the runway extension have already started.

These include shoreline protection, roadway realignment and the widening of taxiway ‘Echo’ & jet blast screen.

Relocation of thresholds and navigational aids, RESA establishment and extension of the runway pavement by 408m will begin in the first quarter of this year.

These works are expected to be completed in Q2 2023.

After the completion of the project, the take-off run available (TORA) for the primary runway will increase to 3,060m from 2,662m.

MBJ CEO Shane Munroe said: “This is a major infrastructure development for Jamaica and is necessary for the continued sustainability and development of the aviation industry. MBJ is committed to operating at world-class standards and is excited to lead this project in partnership with the Government of Jamaica for the continued development of the Sangster International Airport for all stakeholders.”

MBJ runs SIA as part of a 30-year concession that was awarded in 2003.

In 2015, SIA announced plans to accept electronic boarding passes as part of the security screening process.