Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN) in Germany has renewed its IT infrastructure with the help of the software firm PSI Logistics.

This covers software and control computers, along with monitoring and display systems in baggage handling.

Cologne Bonn Airport is currently making use of the airport systems of the PSI Logistics Suite.

As part of the project, the airport’s control computer has been replaced with modern hardware with migration to a new database.

PSIairport/BHS has replaced the old system from 2006.

This solution has been deployed for automatic control of the entire baggage handling system behind the 86 check-in counters in the two terminals.

For improving the monitoring and coordination of the baggage handling system’s processes, PSI Logistics has provided a new CCTV system (closed-circuit television).

This system enables the continuous documentation and tracking of luggage.

According to the company, this marks the first time the PSIairport/BRS baggage reconciliation system has been deployed at the German airport.

In a statement, PSI Logistics said: “The BRS takes over the control and documentation of process sequences for baggage handling in-ground traffic between the airport building and the total of 111 aircraft positions on the nine aprons as per international security guidelines.”

In addition, the software company also delivered the flight information display system (FIDS).

These new display systems at the baggage carousels have been linked to the new airport systems.

In May, Cologne Bonn Airport partnered with IT service provider NTT to develop a wholly private 5G mobile phone network across its 1,000ha premises.