Austrian Airlines (AUA), in partnership with integrated oil, gas and petrochemical firm OMV, is looking to produce and utilise regional sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in Austria.

According to the agreement, the firms will generate and supply 1,500t of green fuel in 2022.

The fuel will be manufactured at the OMV Schwechat Refinery using Austrian used cooking oil in the fuel production procedure.

During the entire lifecycle, SAF will be able to reduce carbon emissions by over 80% in comparison with conventional kerosene.

In addition, the current infrastructure will be utilised for storage and refuelling.

Starting from March next year, SAF will be delivered to AUA aeroplanes through a direct pipeline connection to Vienna International Airport (VIE).

Further expenses associated with SAF will be funded with the ‘support of environmentally conscious passengers.’

For facilitating sustainable air traffic, all AUA passengers will have the opportunity to use the Compensaid platform to back SAF-driven flights.

AUA CEO Alexis von Hoensbroech said: “Air travel needs to become more climate-friendly and sustainable fuels play the key role. We are proud to become the first Austrian airline to use these fuels in our flight operations, not only for climate protection but also to strengthen Austria as a business location.

“I am pleased that we have taken the first step together with our partner OMV. Now, the task is to work with policymakers towards a location-based initiative to meet the EU blending mandates from 2025 onwards and hopefully even surpass them”.

Recently, British Airways reached a SAF supply pact with energy company Phillips 66.