UFIS Airports Solutions (AS) and Dubai Technology Partners (DTP) have secured a contract from Abu Dhabi Airports Company to supply a multi-airport operational database and resource management system.

Under the contract, UFIS-AS will provide system integration, and data warehouse and business intelligence to three airports: Abu Dhabi International Airport, Al Ain International Airport and Al Bateen Executive Airport.

UFIS-AS said that its Universal Flight Information System will provide a true multi-airport database, managing flight data for the three airports from a single data centre in Abu Dhabi.

UFIS-AS will use IBM’s WebSphere products for system integration, while DTP will provide a data warehouse solution based on IBM’s Infosphere and tools to generate the necessary reports using IBM Cognos BI.

DTP managing director Abdul Razzak Mikati said that using WebSphere as the basis for the integration allows DTP to provide a defacto industry-standard integration platform that will enable easy integration of the systems currently in place, as well as new systems in the future.

The UFIS package for ADAC includes AODB, a basic data processing system, a flight information management system, a resource management system and UFIS Information Broker.

The flight information management system will allow the airports to manage long and short-term flight schedules, and to update the schedules in real time, including actual times and load data, for all flights.

UFIS will interpret IATA Type B messages from an interface and messages that come via the interfaces to air traffic control, airline and ground-handling systems, and will update the database accordingly.

The resource management system will distribute resources to flights based on flight and transfer information, the physical restrictions of the particular resource, and a set of rules reflecting the service agreements between the airlines and the airport.