US Airways has chosen Saab Sensis’s Aerobahn airport surface management system for deployment at its three hub airports of Charlotte-Douglas, Philadelphia and Phoenix Sky Harbor International.

The system will offer precise, real-time visibility of all ground operations with a suite of tools that enhances operational efficiency, reliability and customer expediency.

US Airways executive vice-president and CEO Robert Isom said that the Saab Sensis Aerobahn will help the company provide a better service for its customers by giving the airways a real-time insight into ground operations.

"The bird’s-eye view of the airport surface helps our team reduce tarmac delays, ensure more on-time arrivals and departures and more effectively manage operations during inclement weather, which results in a better experience for our customers," said Isom.

The new Aerobahn technology integrates airside operational information, such as flight schedules, planned arrival and departure gates and passenger/bag connection information, with accurate aircraft and vehicle surveillance and recognition for a real-time, broad view of surface operations.

The system also offers other convertible tools that assist in the practical management of surface operations, as well as departure/arrival queues, runway use status, and traffic flow monitoring to reduce emissions while exploiting on-time operational performance.

Users can build their own customised filters and displays using the Dynamic Rules event alerting capability to efficiently identify vital operating conditions and issues related to arrival and departure rates, gate utilisation or long onboard delays.

All events are recorded for future playback to recognise trends and build up new procedures that lessen delays or similar events in the future.

Saab Sensis vice-president and general manager Ken Kaminski said that US Airways is deploying the latest features in the company’s decade-long commitment to Aerobahn advancements, such as integrated workflow process tracking

"This further positions Aerobahn as the surface management system of choice for top airports, airlines and air navigation service providers charged with proactively managing operations on the surface for improved customer experience and operational cost savings," Kaminski said.

The company will incorporate US Airways’ workflow processes into the new system for a centralised, automatically updated system that will track required steps to manage arrivals and departures.