London’s Heathrow Airport has unveiled its expansion manifesto in an ‘election style’ that pledges to improve Britain’s economic security.

The manifesto has been developed around five major pledges, including a promise to generate up to 180,000 new job opportunities and 10,000 apprenticeships across the country.

Heathrow aims to connect UK businesses with up to 40 additional long-haul destinations worldwide, as well as meet environmental and noise limits determined by independent regulators.

It also pledges to enhance air, bus and rail connections across the country, and secure a legacy for future generations.

"A keystone of our children’s future success is an expanded Heathrow."

Heathrow chief executive officer John Holland-Kaye said: "If Heathrow falls behind, Britain falls behind. That means fewer jobs and less security for families. That is why we must have runway capacity that is fit for the future and build it now.

"We all want our children to inherit a country that is stronger and can compete in the world. A keystone of our children’s future success is an expanded Heathrow.

"Economic security, opportunity for people in every part of Britain, outward looking abroad but fair to our neighbours at home – that is the promise of our manifesto."

According to the Prime Minister’s Airports Commission, constructing a third runway at Heathrow will increase the country’s economy by up to £211bn.

Image: Heathrow Airport chief executive officer John Holland-Kaye. Photo: courtesy of Heathrow Media Centre.