Jeju International Airport

The $284m renovation of Jeju International Airport in South Korea will finish this year.

The renovation project is in its final phase, and involves upgrading the domestic departure terminal. The other three phases included expanding the runways and parking lot, and the construction of an international terminal. The final phase will be implemented at a cost of $70m and is 60% complete.

Korea Airports construction manager Jung Hyun said that the airport had a capacity to handle 12 million passengers, but after the expansion, the capacity will double to 23 million people a year.

The airport has experienced a rapid annual increase in passenger traffic during the past decade, and the renovation will reduce congestion, the airport said. The renovation will also make it easier for passengers to board planes and enable the airport to accommodate more flights.

After the renovation, the new domestic terminal will be expanded by 23,000m2. The renovation will also reduce the distance that passengers need to walk from the baggage checking point to the gate to 220m from 350m, according to Jeju Weekly.

Korea Airports will also install check-in kiosks to simplify the check-in process and lessen the amount of time passengers spend at the airport. The kiosks will also allow passengers to complete the check-in process from home through the internet or a smartphone application.

"This will allow you to check-in at your home and reduces the security checkpoint time," Jung said.

The smartphone app will also allow passengers to book flights and receive real-time information about delays and amenities at the airport.

A new electronic fingerprint scanning system will help prevent terrorism and illegal immigrants.

The renovation will be complete by July 2012 and has been underway since 2007.

Image: Jeju International Airport will handle 23 million people a year after its renovation. Photo: BehBeh.