German based air navigation service provider (ANSP) Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) will deploy Frequentis DIVOS 3 log virtual server recording system at its area control centres (ACC) to improve recording performance and reliability.

DFS will deploy the recording systems at the Langen and Munich ACCs and the Dusseldorf tower under a contract with Frequentis signed in November 2011.

Under the contract, Frequentis will provide 7,000 redundant speech channels and a testing and training unit for the Langen air navigation services academy.

The contract also comes with an option to deploy DIVOS 3 log at the Karlsruhe and Bremen ACCs and a further 13 towers, which would mean all DFS ACCs and towers would be using DIVOS 3 log.

DIVOS 3 log was designed as per the key requirements of DFS, including a system capable of recording all current and future forms of relevant data and a scalable solution that can be modified to the demands of facilities varying from small airports to large ACCs.

DFS requirements also include making the system capable of integrating to a central maintenance and synchronised playback across a countrywide network.

The new multimedia recorder captures all of the relevant information through various sources and allows handling actions and decisions in air traffic management (ATM) operations.

DIVOS 3 log is also capable of responding to the needs of ATM environments, supporting synchronised recording, analysis and playback of all information, including voice, screen, radar and any other data of interest.

DIVOS 3 log system facilitates integrated recording of all sources in one system and DFS has asked to have the option of including the recording of screens and human input devices used at controller working positions.


Image: Frequentis DIVOS 3 log virtual server recording system will be deployed at Langen and Munich ACCs and the Dusseldorf tower. Photo: Frequentis.