ADP Ingenierie has secured a contract from Bahrain’s Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications (MoTT) to design a new air traffic control (ATC) centre at Bahrain International Airport.

The 18-month contract also includes supervision and maintenance of ATC operations to enhance its efficiency and adhere to international standards with respect to en-route flight phases. The contractor will also modernise air navigation facilities at the airport.

Peru’s Jorge Chavez International Airport will be equipped with an airport information system (AIS), following a contract signed between the airport operator, Lima Airport Partners (LAP), and Ultra Electronics Airport Systems.

To be installed before the end of current year, the new AIS features an airport operational database (AODB), a flight management system, a resource management system and enterprise service bus (ESB) / integration broker.

It enables real-time information management and automation of operational processes, which will help the airport to optimise the use of existing resources to achieve operational efficiency at existing terminals.

Chile’s air navigation service provider, Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (DGAC), has ordered a turnkey air traffic management (ATM) solution from Northrop Grumman’s Park Air Systems.

The contract covers the supply, installation and commissioning of Park Air System’s Sapphire ATM communication systems, including eight very high-frequency (VHF) and ultra-high frequency (UHF) ATM communication systems.

“Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (DGAC) has ordered a turnkey air traffic management (ATM) solution from Northrop Grumman’s Park Air Systems."

The supplier will also provide training and factory acceptance tests for the systems, as part of the contract.

Scheduled for delivery before the end of 2017, the new systems will offer remote control and monitoring capabilities allowing DGAC to perform efficient ground-to-air radio communications.

Japan Air Navigation Service (JANS) and the UK’s air navigation service provider, NATS, have signed a letter of intent (LoI), following which NATS will offer services to enhance the safety and efficiency of Japan’s air navigation, especially in the areas identified and prioritised by the former.

The LoI covers some of the ATC objectives before the 2020 Olympics to be held in Tokyo, Japan, including planning for the Tokyo terminal manoeuvring area (TMA).

Image: NATS and JANS have signed a landmark agreement at the World ATM Congress in Madrid. Photo: courtesy of NATS.