Software and roaming services provider Boingo Wireless has introduced Hotspot 2.0 networks at 21 airports in the US.

The launch includes the addition of a new ‘Passpoint Secure’ network, which offers instant access to users on iOS 7 devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The airports include Chicago Midway International (MDW), Los Angeles International (LAX) and New York JFK International (JFK).

"Boingo is helping to advance the ecosystem for standards-based roaming."

Without the need for login pages, Passpoint-certified mobile devices automatically identify and authenticate to Passpoint-enabled hotspots associated with their Wi-Fi provider.

Users download Passpoint profile to allow the device establish a WPA2-encrypted connection in range of a supported hotspot.

Once users download a Passpoint profile, they will also get access to Boingo’s partner networks that are Passpoint-enabled for roaming.

The Hotspot 2.0 networks are now available for mobile operators who want to leverage Wi-Fi authentication for carrier offload.

Boingo Wireless chief technology officer Derek Peterson said: "Subscribers with unlimited Wi-Fi accounts will benefit from automatic logins to secure networks as soon as they walk in the terminal or step off a plane."

Current analysis consumer and infrastructure research president Peter Jarich said: "Making Wi-Fi connectivity and roaming as seamless and secure as cellular has been the Hotspot 2.0 promise since its inception.

"By rolling out ‘Passpoint Secure’ to 21 airports serving nearly a half-billion passengers a year, Boingo is helping to advance the ecosystem for standards-based roaming and carrier data offload while maximising the use of available spectrum."