Central Japan International Airport Centrair

ARINC will upgrade its iMUSE check-in and departure systems at Central Japan International Airport Centrair (CJIAC).

ARINC will replace the iMUSE system, which was installed in 2005, with its latest common-use technology vMUSE to enhance airport operations.

The new vMUSE platform’s total interoperability with the current CUTE common-use equipment and also the future CUPPS common-use systems is expected to enable the airport to reduce software engineering costs for common-use operation.

The company had also provided the airport with its new BagLink Baggage Messaging technology that enables the remotely sorting and routing of the passenger’s baggage.

CJIAC IT Services Department group leader Noboru Terada said ARINC’s technology has supported CJAIC airport operations for many years, and the solutions have simplified and automated passenger processes.

"Upgrading to the latest version of vMUSE and BagLink not only further enhances our operations but also allows us to enjoy cost efficiencies," said Terada.

According to ARINC, the upgrade will be completed by 2012.

ARINC managing director of Asia Pacific, Jim Martin, said ARINC was delighted to continue working closely with CJIAC to support their growing passenger requirements.

"ARINC remains fully committed to delivering state-of-the-art technology for CJIAC and other airports in Japan, and around the region," Martin said.

Situated 35km south of Nagoya City, CJAIC airport is the third maritime airport after Nagasaki Airport and Kansai Airport, and serves the Nagoya and the Chubu region of Japan.

The ARINC MUSE (multi-user system environment) family of passenger systems are used at over 75 airports worldwide and by 260 airlines carrying more than 300 million passengers a year.

Image Caption: The vMUSETM platform will help the Central Japan International Airport Centrair (CJIAC) to reduce software engineering costs for common-use operation. Image Courtesy: Gryffindor.