Melbourne Airport (MEL) has finished the modernisation of its international arrivals space located in Terminal 2 under an $85m project.

The airport authority said that the refurbishment is the largest international terminal investment made in the last five years.

The upgrades delivered to the international arrivals hall include the creation of more seating space, a larger dwelling area and an enhanced undercover taxi-wait zone, as well as repositioned retail outlets.

The hall also features a 420m² indoor façade, the size of which is equivalent to Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s wing area.

Melbourne Airport infrastructure chief Simon Gandy said: “The multi-million-dollar upgrade is spectacular and we’re confident it will leave a great first impression on our international guests, especially all the Kiwis that are about to touch down in Melbourne.

“The upgraded arrivals hall also makes it easier for people to connect with onward domestic flights, providing short connection times for passengers that need to walk between terminals.”

Since March 2020, Melbourne Airport has completed 64 construction projects until now, including the international arrivals hall.

Under the amenities upgrade programme, the airport updated and added additional bathroom facilities including parents’ rooms and service animal relief areas.

At Terminal 3, which is used by Virgin, new facilities have been unveiled while an upgrade is also underway inside Terminal 1.

Gandy added: “Despite Covid-19’s huge impact on travel, we had to remain open, so we focused our resources on a select group of projects that would future-proof our operation. We took the opportunity of continuing some of the more intrusive construction works while the airport was quiet to be ready to welcome our airline customers and guests as they return.”

Melbourne Airport served approximately 17,500 international passengers on a daily basis before the Covid-19 pandemic.