Brazilian aeronautical firm Desaer has partnered with magniX to develop a hybrid electric version of the ATL-100 regional aeroplane.

This hybrid electric iteration, ATL-100H, is projected to save 25%-40% of fuel on the basis of the operation’s range.

The aim is to facilitate global sustainable aviation practices.

Desaer is currently developing the original ATL-100 model, which will be the first to enter service.

ATL-100H’s development will be supported by magniX’s technology.

This hybrid electric iteration will receive power from two magni350 electric propulsion units (EPUs) and two turboprop engines.

The battery-driven hybrid aircraft will use an electric motor and a gas motor.

This will enable the aircraft to minimise its emissions and reach fuel economy without compromising the performance and range that will be needed for regional aviation.

Additionally, magnX electric propulsion system will control risk, operating expenses and noise.

magniX sales head Simon Roads said: “The implications of creating the hybrid electric ATL-100H are far-reaching, and will have a positive impact on environmental sustainability and the aircraft’s operational flexibility in the Brazil region. magniX is leading the way in electrifying the skies, and our partnership with Desaer will transform regional travel for passengers and cargo alike.”

Desaer CEO Evandro Fileno added: “The ATL-100H and future versions of the aircraft will enable customers and operators to achieve carbon emission reduction targets while maintaining the low operating costs offered by DESAER’s ATL family of aircraft.

“The ATL-100H will enable operators to connect more remote communities via aviation, opening up greater economic opportunities across Brazil.”