Lithuanian Airports has opened a global tender to lease the existing fuel storage depots at Vilnius (VNO) and Palanga (PLQ) airports in Lithuania.

The application for the ten-year aviation fuel farm tender, which involves the management of the current infrastructure, will open from 2 August and close on 6 August.

Lithuanian Airports operations and infrastructure department head Dainius Ciuplys said: “Lithuanian Airports is guided by the approach that the existing infrastructure must be managed efficiently, using professionals in their field and creating a mutually beneficial partnership.

“It is important for us that the managed assets create added value, which is what we are aiming to achieve by launching an international tender for the lease of fuel infrastructure.”

He also said that the tender aims to tap ‘international, experienced market leaders with experience in aviation fuel infrastructure management’ working at other airports.

The business entity that will secure the international tender will be responsible for overseeing the specific aviation fuel infrastructure at Vilnius and Palanga airport gates.

Besides, the tender’s winner will be in charge of storage, quality control, distribution, fuel supply to aircraft and all other procedures associated with the management of the fuel infrastructure.

JET-A1 jet fuel at Vilnius Airport has a capacity of 4,000m³, 300m³ at Palanga Airport, and 25m³ of aviation gasoline.

In May, Lithuanian Airports announced plans to offer passengers nearly 40 direct routes from May as the summer season of aviation gained momentum.

The network of Lithuanian Airports comprises three air gates in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga.

Last year, Lithuanian airports handled 30,000 flights and 1.8 million passengers.