Finnish airport operator Finavia has concluded a runway renovation project at Joensuu Airport (JOE) in Finland.

As part of the $1.19m (€1m) project, the runway was repaved to extend its service life.

With the overhaul of the runway, airlines will continue to fly to Joensuu in the future, noted Finavia.

With a total area of approximately 13ha, around 2,500m of the runway and taxiway were repaved.

Other repair work and maintenance were also implemented simultaneously.

Finavia Central and Eastern Finland Airports vice-president Mari Nurminen said: “We are pleased to have been able to carry out this runway renovation this summer. The renovation means that we will continue to be able to provide airlines with an excellent operating environment at Joensuu Airport.”

Apart from repaving, earthworks were executed at the ends of the runways in the safety zones.

Furthermore, technical preventive maintenance works were implemented in the air traffic area such as runway lighting control system improvements and the heat distribution network’s renovation.

In a statement, Finavia said: “Scheduled traffic to Joensuu Airport resumed on 10 May after the break-in flight operations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, when the Swedish airline Amapola AB started operating flights to Helsinki.”

As per the current information, Amapola will run the route until the end of this year.

Last week, Finavia completed a runway renovation project at Mariehamn Airport (MHQ) located in Jomala, Åland Islands.

The €5m project involved repaving the runway and modernising the airport’s power supply, cabling and runway lighting system.

The new lighting system is said to consume only around 30% energy compared to the previous system.

Finavia will also rehabilitate Mariehamn Airport’s ground traffic fuel distribution station and deploy electric car charging stations in the parking area later this year.