Auckland Airport and Wellington Airport in New Zealand have faced flight delays due to IT issues in the border security computer system.

The issues in the Advance Passenger Processing (APP) system led to delays in passenger check-in.

Operated by SITA, the APP system validates the travel documents of passengers who wish to enter or exit the system.

Due to the outage, passengers were authorised manually, resulting in the delays in passenger processing.

Auckland Airport tweeted: “Immigration New Zealand’s passport processing software is currently experiencing an outage at Auckland Airport’s International Terminal. Currently, the majority of airlines can manually process passports but it is causing delays at check-in.”

“We advise all passenger to contact their airlines for the latest travel information. Auckland Airport is working with Immigration NZ, our airline partners and government agencies to provide what support we can to help travellers on their journey.”

Wellington Airport said that it faced similar issues.

SITA informed Immigration New Zealand (INZ) that it is a global outage and that SITA is working to resume services. INZ is currently monitoring SITA’s progress in resolving the issue.

Airports at Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne reported problems due to the issue.

The outage hit budget airline Jetstar’s airport systems, leading to delays and cancellations of domestic flights. Jetstar reported that its operations resumed after midday.

In July, airports across Australia experienced delays due to a security outage affecting terminals of the Australian Border Force (ABF).

In April, passengers arriving at or departing from Australian international airports also faced delays due to an IT outage experienced by the Australian Border Force (ABF).