Indra Navia has won a contract from the UK’s air navigation service provider NATS to supply the latest generation InNOVA product for advanced surface movement guidance and control (A-SMGCS) to London Heathrow Airport.

At present, the airport has four separate Indra systems, including tower display and surface movement system at the control tower, along with separate systems at the virtual contingency facility (VCF).

Indra Navia will be responsible for re-configuring these systems to create two integrated  A-SMGCS systems. These systems will be installed at the Heathrow visual control room (VCR) and the VCF.

The existing surface movement system will be replaced with the new InNOVA Ground system, featuring new-generation hardware, radar extractors and processors, in addition to improved tracking and new display features.

“Systems will be installed at the Heathrow visual control room and virtual contingency facility.”

The system also has the capacity to expand with new SESAR functionality, including advanced ground safety nets.

Commenting on the contract win, NATS supply chain director Tim Bullock said: “I am delighted that our strategic partnership has resulted in this award to Indra. It is the result of the long track record of collaboratively working together in the development and deployment of systems supporting the delivery of our services to our customers.”

Indra Navia operates as a Norwegian subsidiary of global consulting and technology company Indra.

The company produces modern communication, navigation, and tower systems for airports and air traffic control organisations. Its GAREX, NORMARC and InNOVA systems are currently used by more than 1,200 airports.