Heathrow Airport (LHR) in London, UK, has reportedly opened a dedicated terminal for passengers arriving on direct flights from red-list destinations with a high risk of Covid.

Passengers arriving from red-list nations will currently have to transit through Terminal 3. The site will eventually be moved to Terminal 4 ‘as soon as operationally possible.’

Currently, there are 43 countries on the red list, but the UK Government is allowing direct flights only from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The UK Government is allowing only British and Irish nationals or UK residents into the country from the countries that are on the red list.

Although the government is allowing direct flights from Kenya, the country has suspended air travel to the UK.

A Heathrow Airport spokeswoman was quoted by BBC as saying: “Red-list routes will likely be a feature of UK travel for the foreseeable future as countries vaccinate their populations at different rates.

“We’re adapting Heathrow to this longer-term reality by initially opening a dedicated arrivals facility.

“As we reopen international travel safely, we will maintain 100% health checks at the border and the new dedicated terminal at Heathrow for arrivals from red-list countries will enable passengers to be processed as safely and as efficiently as possible, before being transferred to a managed quarantine facility.”

Heathrow Airport is implementing the above measures to protect the public and reduce the risk of new variants.

However, University of Cambridge professor Ravi Gupta, who is also a scientist advising the UK Government, said that there are signs that the country is at the initial stage of a third wave of coronavirus infections.

He has advised the government to further extend the Covid restrictions period in England, which will be ending on the 21st of this month.