London’s Heathrow Airport in the UK has unveiled a new centralised tracking system to link the offsite construction hub network.

The linking of offsite hubs will help the airport closely monitor the millions of components that will be used on its expansion project.

The four logistics hubs, which will be finalised from a shortlist of bidders in 2020, will be linked through the new technology, allowing them to work in tandem.

As the ‘nerve-centre’ of the project, the new technology will be capable of tracking and monitoring different areas of the expansion work while offering construction updates to keep the project on track.

The idea was first put forward by Siemens Digital Logistics, which was part of the Heathrow Innovation Partners process.

In March, Heathrow unveiled a list of 18 sites that qualify to host factories and yards to build components for its third runway project.

The sites include logistics hubs in Yorkshire, the West and East Midlands and the North West.

Heathrow Expansion executive director Emma Gilthorpe said: “Expansion secured the overwhelming support of MPs across the country because it was clear that the project would deliver for every region in the UK.

“This announcement sees two exciting opportunities coming together, as we green-light a groundbreaking solution from an innovation partner with the final step in our search for expansion logistics hubs.

“The expansion project can benefit communities and businesses way beyond West London, so it’s great to see more partners joining us in our relentless search for opportunities to unlock value across the UK, as we deliver this once in a generation project.”

In June, Heathrow Airport unveiled its preferred masterplan for expansion. It proposes the airport’s approach in phases, with the new runway to be constructed in the first phase by 2026.