EU and Armenia reach common aviation area agreement
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EU and Armenia reach common aviation area agreement

16 Nov 2021 (Last Updated November 16th, 2021 11:55)

According to the agreement, all limitations and restrictions on flights between the EU and Armenia will be removed.

EU and Armenia reach common aviation area agreement
This deal will boost trade between the EU and Armenia. Credit: Philip Myrtorp / Unsplash.

The EU has entered a common aviation area agreement with Armenia to support better connectivity and improve commercial opportunities between them.

This agreement will facilitate more direct connections and new air transport opportunities, boosting trade between the EU and Armenia.

All EU carriers will be able to run direct flights from anywhere in the EU to any Armenia-based airport, and inversely for Armenian airlines.

Implementing the provisions on open and fair competition, all restrictions on flights between the EU and Armenia will be withdrawn.

This arrangement will also support the execution of the EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement.

European Commissioner for Transport Adina Vălean said: “The agreement signed today will allow the EU and Armenia to strengthen their aviation relations through gradual market integration. It is a key stepping-stone in our strategy to achieve closer cooperation with our neighbours.

“The agreement will allow for more travelling choice for citizens, new opportunities for the aviation industry and better connectivity with new routes and destinations to the benefit of consumers, the tourism sector and people-to-people contacts.”

Common Aviation Area (CAA) focuses on the gradual opening of the market between the EU and its neighbours through the gradual application of EU aviation rules.

This move will deliver new opportunities for operators and more choices for passengers.

It will also promote fair competition through the enactment of common high safety, environmental and other standards.

Furthermore, Armenia will now line up its legislation according to the EU aviation rules and standards in areas including aviation safety, air traffic management, consumer protection and more.

EU has also signed comprehensive air transport agreements with the Western Balkans, Morocco, Jordan, Moldova, Georgia, Israel and, recently, with Ukraine.

Last month, the EU signed a comprehensive air transport agreement with Qatar.