Dublin Airport has announced plans to open two Covid-19 testing facilities on 19 November to offer passengers the choice of either a drive-through test or a walk-in test.

The testing facilities will be operated by healthcare companies RocDoc and Randox.

The facilities will offer LAMP and PCR tests from €99 and will be fully accessible to the public. However, all passengers will need to pre-book their test online in advance.

The healthcare providers working with Dublin Airport have a testing capacity of over 12,000 tests per day, which will soon be increased to 15,000.

Dublin Airport managing director Vincent Harrison said: “We have been keen to provide testing at Dublin Airport for some time and the government’s recent decision to grant planning exemption, which we strongly welcome, will enable two testing facilities to open this Thursday.”

Randox testing service project manager Sophie Boyd said: “We have significant capacity in place to implement high volume PCR testing, which is currently the only method of Covid-19 testing recognised and approved by every country worldwide.”

RocDoc chief executive David Rock said that the company had been working for more than two months with regard to the new test centre.

Rock added: “We will be installing a category two laboratory and testing facility, which will be able to process over and above the expected tests per day.”

Testing is one of the aspects of the new EU/EEA traffic light system for travel, which has been adopted by Ireland and other nations in Europe.