Airports Council International (ACI) World has partnered with Bureau Veritas, which specialises in testing, inspection and certification, to launch an Airport Health Measures Audit programme for proper implementation of health and safety measures.

As airports across the globe have taken a hit due to the coronavirus outbreak, this programme is intended to help the airport industry to recover.

The programme is intended to not only reassure passengers but also to support airport operators by addressing their risks.

The on-site audits, led by Bureau Veritas and the associated SafeGuard label, will allow airports to comply with a consistent set of measures, in line with the recommendations of international and national authorities.

ACI World director general Luis Felipe de Oliveira said: “As an addition to our Airport Health Accreditation Programme, this partnership with Bureau Veritas will provide airports with the benefit of the rigour and precision of a robust physical audit of their processes.

“It illustrates to passengers, regulators and governments that they are prioritising health and safety. Bureau Veritas has the international experience and expertise to provide audits to verify that safety and hygiene protective and preventative measures related to Covid-19 are set up and implemented based upon international and national recommendations.”

Bureau Veritas aeronautics and space agency director Antoine Blin said: “We are proud to work with ACI to support the airport industry recovery through a solution fostering passengers’ trust. For several months now, the SafeGuard label has been successfully implemented in a large number of companies across various industries and geographies.

“Our global network of auditors has extensive experience in health and safety requirements and is able to mobilise worldwide. With our label, today we have the ability to meet the new expectations of our society in terms of health and safety.”

The SafeGuard label provides continuous reference to travellers along their journey and addresses the risks present where people work and live.

Bureau Veritas has developed a dedicated checklist, covering all airport processes from management to operations, which is deployed through an on-site inspection.

Inputs were drawn from health, safety and air transport experts to create the airport-specific checklist.

Airports that complete the process will be able to show the SafeGuard label to passengers, staff and the public.