Raytheon Technologies subsidiary Collins Aerospace has finalised the takeover of American flight tracking tools provider FlightAware for an undisclosed amount.

FlightAware also offers predictive technology, analytics and decision-making solutions.

With the completion of this deal, which was announced in August, FlightAware will join the firm’s Connected Aviation Solutions business.

This unit will work towards promoting Collins’ connected ecosystem solutions.

Collins Aerospace president Stephen Timm said: “Across the industry we serve, we are focused on helping our customers turn data into value, enabling them to increase efficiency and reduce cost while improving the sustainability of their operations.

“With FlightAware onboard, our new Connected Aviation Solutions business unit combines the best of Collins’ aircraft systems with established data networks and connectivity solutions, together with the recognised leader in data collection and analytics. We are well-positioned to launch a new generation of smarter digital solutions.”

Collins Aerospace Connected Aviation Solutions president Jennifer Schopfer said: “This delivers the potential to reduce unplanned maintenance, improve dispatch reliability and know exactly when the plane will be on the runway or at the terminal to keep flight schedules on time.”

Collins Aerospace, along with Raytheon Intelligence and Space, are utilising data to enhance the air travel experience.

Through its variety of digital flight decks, predictive analysis and air traffic management solutions, it intends to cut down the carbon footprint of air travel and increase route efficiency.

In 2018, Collins Aerospace Systems was created by merging UTC Aerospace Systems and Rockwell Collins.

In July, the International Air Transport Association partnered with Collins Aerospace to improve its Travel Pass digital health platform.