The Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan (AAK) has awarded a consultancy project to CAA International (CAAi) to support the country’s adoption of a UK-based aviation oversight model.

AAK was established this August as part of the 100 Concrete Steps national development initiative.

The new regulatory system forms part of the initiative’s plan to enhance the country’s management of its air transport system.

CAAi International Development head Mattijs Smith said: “We are delighted to be working with our counterparts in Kazakhstan and our team is fully committed to supporting AAK. It’s impressive to see Kazakhstan thinking big and it’s exciting for us to play an important part in the ongoing improvement of its air transport sector.

“The upgrade of Kazakhstan’s regulatory framework will build the solid foundation needed for overseeing this, allowing Kazakhstan to generate more of the socioeconomic benefits aviation brings.”

The project’s first phase is scheduled to begin this month.

Over the next twelve months, AAK will receive support from UK CAA regulatory experts on how to include EASA / EU provisions into Kazakhstan’s regulatory system.

AAK will also receive assistance on its organisational design and Training Needs Analysis of its staff inline with the UK CAA model.

The project’s second phase will see the development of a five-year strategic and economic sustainability plan.

AAK director-general Peter Griffiths said: “AAK will provide control and supervision in such an important area as flight safety. Signing this contract with UK CAAi will support AAK to achieve its goal with high indicators over 80% safety level, as per ICAO standards”.