Brussels Airport (BRU) in Belgium has launched a new consultancy subsidiary, Airport Intelligence, to share its operational and commercial expertise with other companies globally.

For many years, Brussels Airport has been working to provide quality services to its passengers, as well as efficient operational processes to airlines and logistics partners.

Using this expertise, Airport Intelligence will provide expert services, which will help the companies and airports to improve their operational processes, business performance, customer experience, as well as safety and security.

Brussels Airport CEO Arnaud Feist said: “With Airport Intelligence, we are launching a specialised consulting company that shares the knowledge and expertise of a leading airport.

“Airport Intelligence helps companies to maximise their operational efficiency, safety and security and improve customer services using methodologies and tools, which Brussels Airport has developed over many years of real-life experience.”

The airport intends to tap the increasing demand for knowledge sharing through its new subsidiary.

Airport Intelligence, which was officially launched a few weeks back, will offer proven methodologies and tools, which will help its clients to increase their commercial performance.

The new subsidiary also takes over the services previously supplied by Brussels Airport Consulting.

Airport Intelligence general manager Jo De Lange said: “At a time when the aviation industry is going through the most severe crisis in its history, optimising business operations has never been more important.

“It is not only the forthcoming European regulations that will require airports to have excellent planning and organisation, but also the uncertainty around passenger volumes that will make it even more difficult to prepare and allocate adequate operational resources.

“With the new services Airport Intelligence’s provides, airports can ensure they are regulatory ready while optimising their operations at a time when every euro counts.”