British Airways is set to test a new digital queuing technology from Qmatic for handling passenger flow at the airport in an efficient manner.

By pre-booking their slot time in advance, the passengers will be able to virtually queue at check-in through this technology.

British Airways is said to be the first airline to test the Qmatic digital queuing technology.

The carrier will test the technology on selected flights departing from Heathrow Terminal 5 for around three months.

Before boarding time, the passengers will receive an email for booking their personal check-in time.

At the time of check-in, the passengers will get a notification from the Qmatic system, enabling them to reach the dedicated desk and the airline’s customer service team for further assistance.

The Qmatic service is optional for passengers. Travellers can also join a virtual queue after arriving at the airport by scanning a QR code.

This technology is currently being supplied in the UK by Jade Solutions exclusively.

British Airways Heathrow customer experience head Declan Pollard said: “This technology means that our customers can plan their departure knowing that they have a personalised check-in time. We think this technology, coupled with digital travel apps, will help efficiently manage the flow of customers in the airport at any one time and give our customers reassurance.”

Jade Solutions managing director Mark Brackley said: “The intelligent queuing solution will provide British Airways’ customers with the ability to add themselves to a virtual queue and see their position change in real-time, all from their phone.”

The airline is also testing other digital travel apps to allow travellers to fulfil the needed entry requirements for their destination.

As of now, the airline’s passengers can use VeriFLY on all inbound flights and in all flights to the US, Canada, and France.

British Airways is currently helping in the development of IATA’s travel pass.